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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 8, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. if you love great videos from the web and want to hear the stories behind them, this is the show for you "right this minute." ♪ >> stop! security guards man handle two bmx bikers. >> but watch how events change. >> the story behind one brutal showdown. a young deer falls in a deep country vas. >> it is 12 feet down. >> why getting her out won't be easy. it's amazing video of a guy
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-- >> in a wheelchair in a climbing competition. >> the grit and skill of one remarkable athlete. and what looks like a music video is actually -- >> a bachelorette party. >> how her girlfriends got in on the act. that popular bmx biker, tyler, the two security guards there are privately hired security guards for a mall area. >> get out of my face. >> say it! >> go. >> mike! mike! >> as you can see, both guards have tyler on the ground. you hear him calling for his friends. this is about to get a whole lot worse. keep watches. >> [ bleep ] >> don'tre twoecurity guards
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separated, one with tyler, the other with tyler's buddy. they start kneeing that guy who was already on the ground. watch how events change. >> get down! >> oh. >> oh. >> oh! >> hitting him with the band? >> security guard on the ground, injured, blood on the face, the guy gets up, shoe in his hand. a lot of people don't know the story behind this video. let's rewind to the very beginning when this picks up. according to tyler and his friend, in that moment, the security guard say, i'm going to kill you. according to the bikers, they went inside the mall to get food. the guards said, hey, the bikes aren't allowed inside the mall. they went to the security guard office to file a complaint claimed they felt they were harassed. they were outside the mall, and the security guards continued taunting them.
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it's ridiculous it escalated. >> to me, it's him sucker punching the security guard and the other guy had the shoe. the moral high ground, and then you're just as bad as them. >> officials told us they initially called the cops, but the bikers started to leave, they called off the cops, so they came back, and security officers followed them outside. we got the video, and they told us this is an edited video that it does not portray the whole story. police are looking for the bikers. ♪ getting trapped in deep places no fun for humans or especially for animals. this is from the loveland fire and rescue authority in levland, colorado. they are looking in a trench, what's in the trench? a pair of horses. one there, another there slowly coming into view. they are stuck.
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>> oh! ♪ >> but loveland fire and rescue are not the only ones to help get horses out. they said there was a crew from the american civil contractors that were close by working on a county road. they brought a tractor in from ten miles away to help dig these horses out. what they're going to do is dig a temporary ramp in the dirt trench so the horses can walk out under their own power. >> that's smart. >> the board was a blinder, just distract them, not thinking about it, and you get the mechanics in there. wow, look at that team, 15 people working. >> i bet this took a really long time. >> yeah. >> right? imagine all the work that it's taking. >> there you see they dug something for the horses to walk up on. >> they walk on up, no big deal, and luckily, the horses were okay. >> another animal in a deep spot in the u.k. our lovely friend, simon cowell
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from wildlife aid foundation, called in to help a small deer. look where this deer is caught. it is 12 feet down. >> oh, poor little guy. ♪ >> this is a tight spot to try to rescue an animal. >> eventually, though, sigh mop is able to get that thing around the deer, and once it's around, getting out is quick work. all is well and released into the wild. >> next up, ladies, a video that i happened upon myself on facebook, and it was so mind blowing, i thought we had to have a look at it. one of the most inspiring builts of sport video i've seen. i'm a fan of climbing, and then i realized i know nothing. what you're seeing, this guy is
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lorenzo. i saw him on facebook, lorenzo the great. as you can see, he's in the wheelchair in a climbing competition. >> oh, my goodness. it's all upper strength. >> it's a 30-35 foot wall, and he goes up it ten times quicker than i could do it. >> a speed deem. imagine the freedom for him, what it feels like, the experience of having this control and this kind of strength. ♪ >> i want to point out just how impressive it is. straight from the beginning, he's on the overhang, and that's when -- overhangs are extraordinarily hard, and it's steeper and steeper. at the last three, that's a full on massive overhang. the guy who shot the video, he, himself, actually suffered a spinal injury as well and
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competing in the paraclimbing championship. so many people when they get a debilitating injury, some think it's the end, but others, no, it's the beginning. if you think you can do it or can't do it, you're always right. this guy thinks he can. some drivers so predictable on the road. first video in russia, we pull up to the very feared intersection seen so many times, and notice the vehicle with the dash cam has a red light also, this girl over here on the bicycle. she is not slowing down as she approaches the intersection. >> oh! >> the driver of that vehicle has a green light. she did not even stop kept going in front of him, flies over the car, off to the side, slams down on to the ground. >> the girl gets up, a little
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frazled, and you can see her limping away. her injuries are unknown up to this point. >> that's one of the most ridiculous accidents i've seen. she had no regard for her own life or safety. ? common sense kicks in at some point, but it does not at all. >> did mama never teach her? look right, look left, go. not look straight, pedal. >> serious distraction on the road. this girl -- >> where are her pants? >> those are questions we don't have to ask. >> there's another one. you're not supposed to wear white after labor day, what is her problem? >> that's fashionaux out there distract the drivers. at one point, a guy here starts taking pictures. but then it gets better because a car notices them, backs up.
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>> oh! >> i think that is some karma right there. >> i agree. a dash cam captures stunning footage. >> of o tornado. >> what it's like to be in the middle of the storm. >> it's amazing. and see how the brian bros prove their golf trick shots are on par. >> ha-ha! >> what?
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i have videos for you ladies to enjoy, brought to us by a fantastic production company that's called earth. it's nature. i love nature, ladies and gentlemen. this is from iceland. there's hundreds of fissures open hundreds of feet long. it is more than meets the eye. >> it's the shell, all the lava. >> this is a really, really slow moving advance the lava. what's happening as it cools down, it becomes rocks and goes in a cycling. the name of it is the stoney rough, which is what it is. this is from a russian dash cam,
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some of the best footage seen from the center of a tornado. >> oh, no. >> oh. >> lost the power lines. >> oh, my gosh. it's amazing this dash cam is rolling and the car is not taken away. >> no kidding. this is, like, the storm chaser's ultimate dream right here, that footage we are seeing because it's from inside the tornado. it's amazing. >> i've always wanted to do it. awesome video from gopro that you'll love for many reasons. >> getting warm up there. ha-ha! that sounded really slow. >> awesome golf trick shots. entire, fantastic compilation
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from the brian bros. they are brothers. they don't just do golf trick shots. these both play golf on the collegiate level at the university of south carolina. george is a pro golfer, works with his dad, but they were playing on the golf course with their buddies, and they realized they had this amazing, special skill. these guys, the balls are moving. they are flying at them. they swing at, like, it's a bat, straight out of the tee box into the fareway. >> i can barely drive a golf ball. ♪ >> scott young, a free runner and urban climber. you know this video has him climbing up something pretty tall. how about this time a 420-foot radio tower. >> oh, no, these things terrify me.
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>> there's the tower. there's scott. epic tv. there's no wires. no safety gear. just him, sweat pants and a t-shirt. >> and a serious fall. >> he was large juevos. >> he's climbing, using the ladder -- i think i could do that with wires and valium -- probably. when he gets up there, he'll do a hand stand, but at the top, you guys, what do you see going on up there? >>he wind. the wd lto blow him off this th. >> maybe let's come back another day. oh, no. oh, no, no, no, no, no. he's going to execute this on the top outer edge. >> oh, i can barely look. >> this is from the ground, which is where i would have been. >> all that wind, that height, that little beam that he's doing that on, hardly wide enough to
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put his hands on -- >> but if you think about it, what an extra challenge, right? he can already climb up there. we know he can do a hand stand, why not do a hand stand with that added level of danger? >> unsuspected folks get the shock of their lives when they encounter this. >> what happened? >> still to come -- >> this guy wants to go for a ride, but be batman. >> the superhero who hits the street. >> and the simple way to change someone's day. >> random acts of kindness to help his fellow man. >> you helped us out. >> so excited to see him.
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totogood thing she used news b . act braces care mouthwash. it's designed to help clean around braces, frfreseshehen , anand d prp whwhitite e. act braces care.e. smsmilile e ststror. next video, it's not the video that we need, but it is the video that we deserve. >> holy moly. is that batman? >> i want that. >> where did they get that? >> apparently, this is chi batman, riding around for a few years, but this is getting attention. >> that's a really, really, really cool guy or a lonney toon who walks around all the time in a costume. >> it's street legal. there's a license plate. >> it's totally legal. this guy wants go for a ride,
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but be batman. >> on the way to a kid's party? >> like he has to show up in, like, his outfit? >> maybe? a great party for somebody. >> listen to the guy, he was doing what i would do, like, just -- is that batman? >> don't you want to ride a motorcycle with a cape now? i want to do that. >> that could get tangled in the tires. >> maybe a vespa. this is the coolest sight to see on the highway. kitty snoozes with a doll. ♪ this video was submitted to us by a viewer, aaron devoer.
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he went out to perform random acts of kindness to help his fellow man. you see simple items gathered, power bars, crackers, hygiene products, looks like this is not for a trip aaron took the bags and hit the streets. this is remarkable. a map on the street with a sign, but he has a small child there with him sitting in a stroller. >> to help you out. >> thank you. >> watch the child reach for the bag. >> oh, he's so excited. just the smile on his face enough to make anybody feel special. he keeps going. not just helping this person, but a lot of people. >> it's not much, but i hope it helps. >> oh, gosh darn, everything helps. bless your heart. >> hands out waters and bags of goodies. everyone's day is made including
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aarons. at the end, he encourages others to do similar things, go out, help fellow man, and he challenged people to do it by submitting a video to him. he'll make a compilation of everyone out there doing random acts of kindness. ,andsa stuff around the house, get it out and give it to somebody. the bride to be did not just want any party. >> she wanted something different. >> how she and the girls brought down the house before the big day. ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h move
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in. the peanut thief. ♪
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grand announcement, you guys. >> breaking news here. >> we just learned that l.a. based writing team lauren mckenzy are getting marry. >> they did, they met on a hollywood set, so thought it would be fitting. >> the event is the talk of hollywood as a video leaked from lauren's wild party. >> we just obtained exclusive peek into what the weekend was like. take a look. ♪ >> this is actually lauren's bachelorette party. she's been to vegas, done all that. she's, like, the last person in her group of friends to get married, wanted to do something different so she produced this music video with her and her
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friends. ♪ be my little baby >> this is fantastic, like 1950s style. no weird dudes in banana hammock things. they are dancing together as friends. >> they are dancing to "be my baby" by leslie grace, and then they go into "crazy in love" by beyonce. >> that's mom. >> yeah, and grandma. ♪ >> oh! they are doing beyonce moves! >> got me looking so crazy right now ♪ ♪ your love got me so crazy right now ♪ >> they do rock by queen, and kesha. ♪ you better move ♪ you better dance >> how much fun was it to do all this, makeup, costumes, dancing,
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friends, family, singing, holy crap. that's all for "rtm," we'll see you
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hey, everybody, i'm beth troutman, time to watch the best videos of the day "right this minute." ♪ under that concrete slab -- >> there's an elderly gentleman who is trapped. >> how brute strength and strong will got him out alive. a mom decides to share videos of -- >> the last night of their son, david, before he died. >> what she hopes happens when they see it. a stunning travel diary from a guy who decided to -- >> throw caution to the wind and hit the


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